Local authors release children's book of adventure

November 30, 2022

Two retired Comanche teachers teamed up to write a children’s book that is now available everywhere.

Marilyn Kay Brooks and Marilyn Kay Pineda are already kindred spirits as they share the same first and middle names. Before they retired from Comanche, they wrote a play about a train-ride with Mother Goose for their students. They then decided to turn it into a children’s book.

“The Train of Make-Believe” is a story about Mother Goose and a handful of children who take a magical train ride to Grandma’s house on the other side of the forest.

Along the way they meet some favorite fairy tale characters as they chug through the twists and turns of the Black Forest.

“The adventures they encounter will have you laughing, feeling suspenseful and looking forward to surprises along the way,” a news release from the publisher, Christian Faith Publishing, stated.

Written under the name of Marilyn Kay, the book details how the wild train ride leads to helping fairy tale characters in need.

“The Marilyn Kays bring a creative tale to life through the entertaining narrative and darling illustrated scenes that will captivate the imagination of young readers,” the news release said.

“The Train of Make-Believe” can be purchased at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes & Noble.