Finally, a short drive to work from home

by Todd Brooks

Whoever came up with the metaphor “It’s the journey, not the destination,” was not talking about moving. When it comes to moving, it’s all about the destination.

As a child I was used to moving since my father was in the military. It was no big deal to pack up and move every two or three years. I carried on that tradition for quite a while as an adult without even thinking twice.

I’ve discovered I’m not as young as I used to be. Thirty-five years ago I worked as a furniture mover for the summer. Those days of being able to do that day in and day out are long gone.

We spent our Thanksgiving break moving from one house to the other and while we’re still not done, we have done enough to start living in our new home.

It’s an exciting time to be sure. Since coming to The Comanche Times in February 2019, I have been commuting 20 miles on a 30-minute drive from our home near Lake Humphreys to Comanche. We have looked for places closer to Comanche on and off the whole time.

We’re country folks, so while we probably could have found a place in town sooner, it probably wouldn’t have been a good fit. We like land and animals. We like space. Being able to throw a rock from your front yard and have it land in someone else’s front yard three houses down is just not our style.

So a few months ago we came across a place that checked all four of our boxes. Does it have sufficient land? Check. Does it have a large enough home for our family? Check. Is it close to work? Check. Is it in our price range? Check.

It took me just over five minutes to get to work on Monday. It was glorious. No red lights and Nothing against the fine folks in Duncan but driving from one end of town through the other on a daily basis is wearisome. Add to the fact we go to church in Meridian, there was at least six days a week of driving through the county seat.

So, here we are finally living in the 73529 zip code. Good Lord willing, it will be our last move.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us from making this place livable to making it feel like home.  And we will, it will just take time and a whole lot of patience.

This will give us a chance to become even more involved in the community we have grown to love and plan to serve for a long time.

We are proud to be Stephens County’s only locally-owned legal (authorized to publish legal notices) newspaper.

There is no 1-800 number to call if you have a question. There is no “If you know your party’s extension, please enter it now.”  There is no listening to bad elevator music as you hold for a supervisor. Chances are if you don’t have my cell phone number you know someone who does.

In the good times and the bad, the buck stops here. Hopefully, the good times will always significantly outnumber the bad.

Thank you for your support and we hope you will continue to allow us to tell your stories.

We are excited and we’re just getting started.