GOP sweeps state offices

by Todd Brooks

Voters in Stephens County broke the same way as the majority of the rest of the state with Republicans at state and federal levels getting a clean sweep.

In most cases, totals from Stephens County showed Republicans with 4-to-1 to 5-to-1 advantages in nearly every precinct and in every county total.

Comanche area voters were right on pace with the rest of the county with Republicans dominating at the polls.

Republicans started fast out of the gate with 4,574 Republican voters marking the straight party voting box compared to 824 for Democrats.

With some polls predicting a tight gubernatorial race, Gov. Kevin Stitt won by double digits statewide over Democrat nominee Joy Hofmeister.

In Stephens County, Stitt had 8.957 votes to Hofmeister’s 3,580. Independent Ervin Stone Yen had 297 votes and Libertarian Natalie Bruno had 282 votes.

Current Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell also dominated as expected. In Stephens County, Pinnell received 10,379 votes compared to 2,205 votes for Melinda L. Alizadeh-Fard (D). Chris Powell (L) had 493 votes.
In the attorney general’s race, Gentner F. Drummond (R) bested Lynda Steele (L) by a 10,747 to 1,884 tally in Stephens County.

Todd Russ (R) won the state treasurer post. He received 10,359 votes in Stephens County compared to 2,160 for Charles De Coune (D) and 499 for Gregory J. Sadler (L).

Ryan Walters (R) ran away with the State Superintendent race. In Stephens County, he had 8,839 votes to 4,230 votes for Jena Nelson (D).

For labor commissioner, Leslie Kathryn Osborn (R)won the race. In the county, Osborn had 10,204 votes to Jack Henderson’s (D) 2,214 and Will Daugherty (L) had 586 votes.

Kim David (R) won corporation commissioner. In county results, David had 10,138 votes to Margaret Warigia Bowman’s (D) 2,199. Don Underwood (L) had 673 votes.

Sen. James Lankford (R) was reelected. In Stephens County, Lankford had 10,292 votes, more than four times the amount of Madison Horn (D) with 2,280. Michael L. Delaney (I) had 287 votes and Kenneth D. Blevins (L) had 268.

Markwayne Mullin (R) won the race for Sen. Jim Inhofe’s unexpired term. In the county, Mullin had 10,107 votes, Kendra Horn (D) had 2,542 votes, Robert Murphy (L) had 232 votes and Ray Woods (I) had 211.

Incumbent Tom Cole (R) easily won reelection. In Stephens County, Cole garnered 10,725 votes compared to 2,336 to Mary Brannon (D).

Several judge positions were also up for grabs. For positions that serve multiple counties, Stephens County went along with other counties in electing judges.

G. Brent Russell defeated Bobby Lewis for the District 5, Office 2 position. In Stephens County, Russell had 9,331 votes to Lewis’ 2,581.

In the District 5, Office 3 race, Jay Walker edged out Neil West. In Stephens Coutny, Walker had 6,807 votes to West’s 4,842.
It was the only race where the Comanche area precincts did not match up with the rest of the county. West won Precinct 41 in Comanche (321-238), Precinct 59 in Loco (77-72), Precinct 61 in Meridian (328-312) and Precinct 62 in Corum (188-157).

Scott Meaders topped Brad Cox in District 5, Office 4. In Stephens County, Meaders had 7,911 votes to Cox’s 3,492.

In the only Stephens County exclusive judge race, Lawrence Wheeler defeated Anthony Sykes, 7,312 votes to 4,748.