Arrest made in obstructing officer

September 22, 2020

A Wilson woman was arrested for obstructing an officer and possession of a controlled and dangerous substance after antagonizing the Comanche Police Department last Friday morning.

According to the police report, two police officers were on a traffic stop at Hill Avenue on Highway 81 when the driver of a passing car going north on Highway 81 was hanging out the window and honking the vehicle’s horn.

The car came to a stop in front of the Love’s parking lot where the driver, later identified as Susann Richelle Brown, age 59, continuing yelling as cars drove by.

The back-up officer to the stop at Hill Avenue, Brent Christy, got into his vehicle to catch up to Brown, who was now continuing to drive north. She was continuing to honk her horn with Christy now activating his emergency lights to pull the driver over.

Brown pulled over to the side of the road at Highway 81 and Hillery where she allegedly got out of the vehicle and started walking toward the officer. Christy asked Brown multiple times to get back in the car. Brown allegedly said, “Just shoot me,” and “Take me to jail,” having her hands out toward the officer. Christy said she had a “blank stare” in her eyes.

Christy pulled his service weapon and ordered Brown to stop and turn around before calling for back-up. According to the report, Christy began to walk backwards to keep space between him and the woman before the woman turned around and went and sat back down in her car.

Backup then arrived and the officers were able to get Brown’s ID from her. Brown, now back outside the vehicle, allegedly began talking about some Wilson Police Department officers who had killed a man. She allegedly said that all law enforcement was “a bunch of yellow bellies,” and that she wanted everyone to see officers’ “true colors.”

According to the report, Brown became angry while speaking and again began to step toward Christy. She was handcuffed and arrested for obstructing an officer.

Her car was inventoried and a pill bottle prescribed to someone else was found in the vehicle and a charge of possession of a controlled and dangerous substance was added.

On the way to jail, Brown allegedly told Christy that even though she was going to jail, when she got out, she was going to do it again.