CHS principal introducing new internship program

by Todd Brooks

Jason Schreiner has been busy since taking over as the Comanche High School principal officially on July 1.

The new Comanche High School principal is going to be installing an internship program that will allow seniors to work in local businesses.

The internships will be both paid and unpaid.

“It’s something we’ve used before and to help meet our goal of being a 21st century school,” Schreiner said. “Regardless if it is for preparation for college or a career, we want to prepare our students for the world.”

Schreiner said the program will be flexible to allow as many seniors who want to participate the opporunity to do so.

Businesses who would like to be a part of the internship program can call the high school office to be added to the list. The list will be given to seniors to see what interests them.

“By the time students are a senior, they’ve just about already taken care of everything they need to academically,” Schreiner said. “This will allow them the chance to do something instead of just sitting around.”

The students will go through an application process and students will need approval by their parents and the principal in order to participate.

The internship will be an elective course and the students will receive grades. They will have paperwork to turn in every month to the office and Schreiner will reach out to the businesses to see how the students are doing.

Another goal Schreiner said was to build a good relationship within the local community and the school.

Establishing the internship program is just one of many things Schreiner has been working on, however.

“Things are going really well,” Schreiner said. “We’ve been able to talk to a lot of really good additions to Comanche in some of our new hires and we’re super excited about what they’re going to add to the program. We’ve made a couple of moves and have everyone in-house right now. So, we’re all together and now we’re working on the building to get it all pristine for day one. Everything has been great so far. We haven’t had a hiccup, yet.”

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