Board hears from new coach

March 02, 2023

The Comanche Board of Education met in a regular session on Tuesday, Feb. 14,’

Board Members approved various routine consent agenda items, including the minutes of the January board meeting, activity fund reports, and the treasurer’s report.
The board also approved building encumbrances.

Superintendent Julie Bills introduced Gary Robinson, 2023-2024 football coach to the board. He shared with the board his philosophy and excitement for the upcoming football season.

Robinson said he is looking forward to being in Comanche.

“I’m super excited about the opportunity,” Robinson said. “The last two football jobs that I’ve had the big talk was that you’ve got to change the culture. I’ve watched every one of your games from last year at least four times. I’ve met with middle school and high school kids and have been around the coaches. I’ve met some teachers and the principal. And, the one thing I can about Comanche right now is I don’t have to worry about changing the culture because I feel like it is already pretty awesome right here.”

Robinson said he sees what lies ahead.

“The only thing that I’m going to have to do is just show some excitability, coach them up and get a little more effort out of them and lift some weights,” Robinson said.

He emphasized his expects football players to be leaders on and off the field.

“If the teacher doesn’t have a seating chart, I expect them to be sitting in the front of the class, making eye contact and listening,” Robinson said. “I will go around and check on them.”

He said the biggest thing is not about football.

“It’s a way to keep these kids in the classroom and to keep them in school and crossing the stage when it’s time,” Robinson said. “I have had players who would not have graduated if it were not for football. I am there to support the teachers.”
Bills expressed her gratitude to the board members for their help with the bond issue. She reported to the board that there were various individuals who helped with calling and reminding people to vote. She said everyone’s help was greatly appreciated.

The board adopted the 2023-24 school year calendar. The calendar will allow for late starts on days that the weather permits. Bills informed the board that the district had to utilize three virtual days in Jan and Feb.

Mr. Dunham presented to the board the Annual Drop Out report. Mr. Dunham also shared the last available school profile from the office of Educational Quality and Accountability.

Superintendent Bills, shared the preliminary school report cards for each site and discussed how the district is working to address the chronic absenteeism indicator that affected overall grades across all sites.

Bills also reported that the annual financial audit will be completed before the next board meeting and the Kerry John Patten, C.P.A firm will present its findings to the board at the March meeting.
Bills commended the office staff -Tonya Morgan, Stacey Bowen, Elizabeth Ressell, and Terry Davidson on having done a phenomenal job of getting the records to the auditors

Bills shared with the board that student organizations have been active.

Bills updated the board on the various organizational and athletic activities that are going on during this time of year. She highlighted wrestling, the girls wrestling program accomplishments, basketball, band, unified special olympics teams, Cheerleading, and FFA activities.

In further action, the board appointed Peyton Hale to Seat 2 which was formerly held by Cheryl Pannell.