Police Looking Out For The Most Vulnerable Of Comanche

Alzheimer’s is a very common disease that affects more than 3 Million people a year, most commonly 60 years of age or older but can affect people as early as 19 years of age and up. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions, the brain cell connections and the brains cells themselves degenerate and die. This slowly destroys memory and other functions that the brain must carry out. Alzheimer’s and dementia effects more than 3 million people a year and those affected can easily become lost confused or turned around even though they may only be blocks from their home. Other mental illness can also have this effect.

One common thing that happens to those affected by Alzheimer’s is how easy it is for them to become lost, confused or turned around. This means that the individual cannot find their home again even though they may only be one block or less away from it, whether it be sunny and warm or snowy and subzero temperatures. The individual may not be able to recall their address, their children’s names and they may even be unable to remember their own name or recognize their loved ones, which can make getting them back home very difficult.


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