New facility to benefit softball, baseball

By Todd Brooks

The Comanche softball and baseball booster clubs are combining forces to help bring an idea into reality. The clubs are in the process of building an indoor practice facility complete with locker rooms, storage space and coaches’ offices.

The building is still in the early stages. Dirt has been moved in and the construction of the footing has begun. “Several years ago, the softball and baseball boosters wanted to do something, but with school funding with the way it is, it was not going to be able to done by the school,” said Brooke Miller, who is one of the boosters leading the charge for the new facility. “We really wanted a locker room for the girls because they were driving to the field and changing for practice in their cars.”

The facility will be behind the softball field and it took some time to get everything lined out. The school gave the property back to the city and the idea fizzled out for while.

Miller, who has a son playing high school baseball and a daughter playing junior high softball, knew it was time to look back into the facility.

She happened to mention the idea to her friend Misty Chaney and the next day, Chaney called Miller and told her that she and her husband Shawn wanted to donate a 60-foot by 120-foot Quonset building they had just purchased, to be used by the teams.

“I just ran with it,” Miller said. “Aaron Evans met with city manager Chuck Ralls and found a way to make it work. Miller Construction is donating the footing and it all started to fall into place. We’ve had a lot of donors step up.”

There is no timetable for completion. It will be built as funding and time allow.

“We had 20 to 25 loads of dirt hauled in and my husband Justin built the pad,” Miller said. “We have volunteer plumber labor and someone donating all of the electrical work.”

One of the big hurdles was trying to figure a way to tie into the city’s sewer system. It was overcome by receiving permission from the city to put in a septic system.

“We’re still raising funds,” Miller said. “The plumbing labor is free but we will need to buy the plumbing supplies and other things. It’s going to cost $9,000 for the footing to be done. The septic is going to cost $6,000.”

Only one end of the facility will need concrete. The rest will covered with used artificial turf that baseball coach Toby Wilson secured from another school.

“People are stepping up and finding ways to build it whether it is financially or through labor,” Miller said.

Superintendent Terry Davidson said he is appreciative of the work the booster clubs are putting in.

“Time after time over the last 24 years, I’ve seen Comanche parents step up to support our kids,” Davidson said. “This new facility is another example. We are so grateful for all of the hard work and sacrifice.”

An account for donations has been set up under “Comanche Softball and Baseball Indoor Facility” at American Nation Bank in Comanche.

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