Greetings From Grandview

“Oh No! Oh Yes! Words you hear coming out of students’ and parents’ mouths this time of year. It’s a new school year for Grandview. The teachers have already been working on their rooms this past week because they’re so excited about being in their classroom again

,” Supt. Wade told The Times this week. “There’s got to be something wrong with them, right? What can I say? They’re a dedicated bunch, most teachers are. “We have had to make some changes this year in teacher assignments. We’re going back to our standard classroom assignments. Last year we had 18 8th graders, the most we’ve every had here at Grandview. So we moved the classes around so that 8th grade could just be by themselves. We like keeping our classes under 20 students so we did some shuffling. “This year Mr. Turner will have 7th-8th grade again, Mrs. Sullivan 5th-6th, Mrs. Shelley 3rd-4th grade, Mrs. Sides 1st-2nd grade, with everyone else staying the same. “I just realized that in those classes the teachers average over 25 years of experience. Somebody is getting old!


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