Councilmember Tired of “Chewin’s” For Good Reason

“I talked to Chuck (City Manager     Ralls) the other day about this,” Councilmember Janice Willis shared with the Council in the monthly meeting held June 12. “I haven’t talked to any of you. Our cemetery, to me, is in bad shape. I feel like we are not doing our people that served in the service, our forefathers that made the City of Comanche, that gave us the foresight to have our own electricity and our own water plant, the respect that they deserve,” Willis said. “When I went out to the Memorial Day service that the Honor Guard have every Memorial

Day, I was really ashamed that I sat on the City Council because we need to do something,” Willis shared. “We need to work on the budget next year. We have to get that cemetery cleaned up and kept up. When people come out there and they are walking through grass that is almost to their knees, especially on Memorial Day, it is wrong,” Willis shared emotionally.


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