Area survives severe storms

With the exception of a city-wide power outage that lasted less than an hour, Comanche made it through a tumultuous week of storms last week. Last Tuesday, residents were watching the sky as tornado sirens went off and spinning clouds settled over the city. Fortunately, no funnels ever formed and made it down to the ground. “We’ve been fortunate with no major damage,” city manager Chuck Ralls said. “We had some minor flooding, but nothing that ever threatened any properties.” Ralls said there were a couple of trees that came down, but the aftermath was nothing compared to the spring storms of 2016 when every street was blocked. “There were other cities in our area that had more damage than we did,” Ralls said. Some local streams and creeks were pushed to the limit with water, but the banks held. At Mud Creek east of Comanche, the bridge on Highway 53 had some high water and several floating trees were jammed against the bridge, but it never got to the point of the road having to be shut down.



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