Voluntary Water Rationing

Waurika Lake has notified us of a significant water line break. We have had a few days to prepare in case they had to shut our supply down. The repair will take approximately eight days. Our supply from Comanche is good and we have 500K of raw water stored. Even with the Comanche lake supply and our back-up storage we anticipate a deficit on supply. This is mostly due to our current consumption. We are averaging 300,000 gallons of consumption per day as this is our peak water season. I am implementing a voluntary water restriction city wide. If we find this is not sufficient I will seek to have the council mandate a water restriction until we get through this emergency. In addition to the voluntary restriction I will put a hold on all bulk water sales and we will be reducing the splash pad operation hour to 12pm – 2pm. I may also have to use firetrucks to help pull additional water from Comanche Lake if our volume drops too low. The numbers are listed below:
 237,000 gallons - Max supply from Comanche lake in 24 hours
300,000 gallons – High average of usage over the past week (24 hours)
(63,000) gallons – gross shortage
(504,000) gallons – over 8 day period
 500,000 gallons – raw storage
17,000 gpd for splash pad (136,000 gallons for 8 days)
If our numbers stay consistent we should be fine. If the outage goes any longer or our consumption goes up we will have a deficit in supply. I will keep you posted as things progress.
Best regards,
Chuck Ralls
City Manager
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